Reseller API Access

Product resellers create and define their product offerings using our BNS api functions. They can easily create a special and custom user experience with the functions they want.

Get paid 10% on every successful sale.

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WHMCS Module

Looking for easy? Using the WHMCS Addon Module, resellers easily sell and manage blockchain names from a fully automated payment, CRM and application system all in one.

Sell customized Services!

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Managed Reseller

Your business built on top of our infrastructure!
We provide everything you need to get operational quickly. We maintain and provide end user support.

Your Business, Our Services!!

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Our Partnerships

We strongly value our partnerships. We have gone to extreme lengths to satisfy our reseller partnerships. Through this process we can provide a better and more exciting product for the community.
Resellers will use our NFT credits to make purchases for new Blockchain Names. One NFT Credit will be burned for each newly minted Blockchain Name.
  • Installation :
  • API Access :
    Full API Access
  • Included Credits :
  • Retail Price :
  • Addon Fees :
  • Full Branding :
  • Support :
    Dedicated Team
  • Setup Fees :
  • Reseller Price :
  • Reseller Price :
Our team will schedule several calls to assist with integration and support. Understanding the Blockchain Name ecosystem will empower you to greater success.

Our partnership starter package includes full access to our integration tools and API functions. To help you quickly reach positive cashflow, your first 12 credits are included, which can be used to sell a Blockchain Name to your customer at retail price of $194.95. This can generate $2,339.40 in instant revenue.

Break It Down!

How do reseller partners earn passive revenue?

The average customer will purchase 5 blockchain names on average. The speculators may buy and resell 100's of Blockchain Names on the marketplace.

Reseller / Partner Cost $85.00 ea
Minting Fees $0.00 ea
End User Retail $194.95 ea
Gross Margin 56%
Gross Profit $109.95 ea
How many Blockchain Names can you sell?

18 +


180 k +


3000 +

NFTs Minted

15 k +

Easy User Adoption

Customers will quickly obtain and begin using Blockchain Names.

Word Of Mouth!

Your customers will be motivated by features to spread the word for you!

Sell 1,000 Names

Generate $194,950 in revenue with $109,950 in gross profits!

Resellers and Integration

We offer Integration paths for adding Blockchain Names into any online platform.
Select from our full set of API commands or utilize our WHMCS control panel module for easy and fast integration. Blockchain Names have become the go to solution for management of WEB3 digital asset.

Blockchain Names

  • Special Reseller Pricing
  • Product Management
  • Read & Write API Access
  • Marketplace API Access
  • Client Dashboard API Access

Automated Revenue

Blockchain Names are fully automated. This is a new passive revenue stream for your business. Customers purchase and maintain multiple Blockchain Names.

Get Started

Let us help you!

Our resellers are at the core of our ecosystem. We are constantly automating processes to ensure fast and easy customer experiences.

Need more help?

Our developers and experts will help you build the right solution or find the right partner for your needs.

All our resellers collectively constitute an integrated entity within the blockchain name consortium, upholding a consistent level of security and functionality.
We actively endorse our resellers, urging them to prominently display the blockchain name logo during all customer engagements to strengthen the brand's recognition. Failure to identify the Blockchain Name logo on a product may indicate its lack of authenticity as a genuine blockchain name product.