Reseller API Access

Product resellers create and define their product offerings using our BNS api functions. They can easily create a special and custom user experience with the functions they want.

Get paid 10% on every successful sale.

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WHMCS Module

Looking for easy? Using the WHMCS Addon Module, resellers easily sell and manage blockchain names from a fully automated payment, CRM and application system all in one.

Sell customized Services!

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Managed Reseller

Your business built on top of our infrastructure!
We provide everything you need to get operational quickly. We maintain and provide end user support.

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White Label Reseller

Your business built on top of our infrastructure.

Global Data Spaces offers you the ability to do it all on your own with White Label Reseller Program. Have the ability to resell all of our Data Spaces, Products and Services.
Within our Web Space, sell individual or business full scale hosting packages.
Within our Blockchain Space, you may sell Blockchain Node Servers, Wallet Names and the creation and management of NFT's.
Within our Metaverse Space, you may sell Virtual Land, Avatar Clothing, Currency and other Digital Assets.

Charge all your own prices for your customers. Our team will take care of all support and the best thing is you will receive a WHMCS license free of charge.

Web Spaces
Our website utilizes the WHMCS control panel, which allows you to create products and resell to customers. Customers can order products and services you create within the admin control panel, setting prices and specifications. When your customer places an order the system will provide it automatically and you will receive an email after which time your customer will be ready to use it within minutes.

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • SSL Certificates
  • Auto Provisioning
  • Support Tickets
  • Multi Lingual
  • Wordpress
  • Full Stack
  • Email Accounts
  • File Storage Spaces
  • PHP Applications
  • MySQL Database


Blockchain Spaces - Blockchain Names

Resellers and Integration

Resellers can easily integrate Blockchain Names into their online platform. We offer a simple affiliate style link, which will earn up to 25% on each sale, to full api integration with full Blockchain Name management functions to add to your customer control panel. Blockchain Names have become the go to solution for sharing multiple blockchain public keys. Discounts for volume purchases.

Blockchain Names

  • Special Retail Pricing
  • Product Management
  • Read & Write API
  • Discounted Credits
  • Marketplace API
  • Client Dashboard API

Included Data Spaces

  • Web Spaces
  • Metaverse Spaces
  • Document Spaces
  • Image Spaces
  • Multimedia Spaces
  • eCommerce Spaces

Blockchain Names are currently being used by thousands of people around the globe to bring together their unique Blockchain Wallet Public Keys stored under a simple easy to remember Blockchain Name. This has provided people with a consolidated solution that has yet to be seen in the Blockchain Space.

Blockchain Names Market

Blockchain Names Market

Leverage The CryptoNames Marketplace

Many speculator members have seen the writing on the wall. One of which, has launched a Blockchain Names Marketplace where buyers and sellers are able to resell their unique Blockchain Names. And at no additional cost to the seller. This has added an unexpected, new dynamic to the Blockchain Names ecosystem.
This free market structure allows users to post any of their Blockchain Names for sale in a decentralized, open eCommerce Space.
We believe in our product and want users across the globe to have uninhibited access to Blockchain Names.


Buyers will enjoy using the marketplace to find any desired Blockchain Name for sale.
Buyers may easily choose to make buy now offers directly to the sellers.
Buyers will pay the seller directly.


Selling Blockchain Names is fast and easy.
Set your price, select your category and start selling your unique Blockchain Names.
Easily transfer the Blockchain Name to the buyer after payment.


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Our resellers are at the core of our ecosystem. We are constantly automating processes to ensure fast and easy customer experiences. Everyone online will use Data Spaces for just about anything. Our resller plan gives you the toold and infrastructure you need to build a large monthly reocurring revenue stream to your company.

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