Blockchain Names
Blockchain Names
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What Are
Blockchain Names?

Blockchain Names are NOT Domain Names

Blockchain Names are Intelligent NFTs. (erc-721)

Utilize Blockchain Names to interconnect and allocate them to your web3 digital assets. This contemporary technology offers the versatility to oversee various digital asset categories within a unified Blockchain Name by leveraging its functionalities as the latter part of the name. These names are entirely WEB2 and ICANN compliant.

^YourName | Lifetime Ownership NFT!

The Structure

The Structure

The Blockchain Name structure is designed to scale and grow with the needs of the web3 and blockchain community. The name consists of a caret symbol then a given name. This name will then attach to the right with a function. Functions are used to categorize and manage the digital assets. Functions themselves will have attributes designed to help query and interact with the assignments and its associated data.
With the growth and scale of the community, Blockchain Names are designed to not only support the technology, but it serves as a foundation for which new modern technology will be built upon.


Blockchain Name Uniqueness

The Caret Symbol "^" prefix ensures that the names within the Blockchain Names system are easily distinguishable and cannot be confused with other systems.
Blockchain Names also include ownership of all extensions related to that name (e.g., "^MyName.anything"). It's a clear marker of the system's identity.

Hierarchical Structure

This hierarchical structure allows for the creation of a complex network of functions, each allows users to connect WEB3 and Blockchain Digital Assets. Users can easily manage and assign Public Keys, Blockchain Contract Addresses, IPFS CID's, NFT Contracts, Metaverse Assets or even WEB2 assets.


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Blockchain Names
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Blockchain Names
Blockchain Names
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Leverage the potential of new WEB3 and NFT technology. Explore opportunities to generate supplementary income through the sale of Blockchain Names and associated services.

Blockchain Names
Blockchain Names
Blockchain Names
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